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Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer in Elder Women

As a provider of Home Health Care in Virginia, we are reminding everyone, especially the older adult women, of the factors associated with the increase of the likelihood of getting cervical cancer. These are: Infection by HPV or the Human Papillomavirus Spread through skin-to-skin contact, HPV infection ranks as first among the most important risk … Continue reading

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The Unique Challenges of Your Elderly Loved Ones

All stages of a person’s life come with unique difficulties. Years of experience as a provider of Elderly Home Care in Virginia have taught us that for seniors, the majority of the challenges they face revolve around their advanced age. While not the most ideal situation, it is good to remember that this is just … Continue reading

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When to Consider Home Care Services for Your Senior Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

Having someone in the family suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease is difficult. Our years of experience as an Elderly Home Care in Virginia, has us knowing intimately how stressful it can be for everyone in the family—especially so for the one serving as the primary caregiver. While admirable, your efforts as a primary caregiver may be … Continue reading

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Companionship: The Heart of Elderly Health

Home health care agencies offer services that address the everyday care needs of our elderly loved ones. This includes services such as personal care, respite care, and skilled nursing, among others. But the one service that is usually relegated to the side is the Companionship care. The years of experience as a home health care … Continue reading

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Integrity in Health Care Organizations

In the field of home healthcare services, integrity is a catchword, along with respect, honesty, and compassion. But, how do we know we’re applying it? First of all, integrity is the quality that allows us to do the right actions when no one is looking and checking for our mistakes. As such, to have integrity … Continue reading

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Autism in the Elderly

When we think about autism, most of us picture children with the condition. Although this is not wrong, this shows how little information there is about elderly autism, at least that we know of. As a homecare agency in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we would like everyone to be informed of the condition affecting the senior citizen … Continue reading

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