Integrity in Health Care Organizations


In the field of home healthcare services, integrity is a catchword, along with respect, honesty, and compassion. But, how do we know we’re applying it?

First of all, integrity is the quality that allows us to do the right actions when no one is looking and checking for our mistakes. As such, to have integrity is to be consistent not only in what we do but also in how we do things. It involves both trust and honesty – values that, as an elderly home care in Virginia, we put great emphasis on.

We try our very best to uphold integrity in how we conduct our services. We believe that this is important in providing heartfelt and effective care. Here are our ways of applying integrity in our daily practice as a home health care in Virginia:

  • Frequent communication

    Communication is key to any relationship but it is perhaps most vital to health care because its presence or absence can be a matter of life and death.

  • Honesty when it comes to delivering unpleasant news

    We realize that however hard we try to delay telling the bad news, it still has to be delivered at the end of the day. So to save everyone the suspense and the drama, we tell the news earlier than later.

  • Turning mistakes into opportunities for improvement

    We believe it shouldn’t stop at admitting mistakes, one must also try to turn them into opportunities to improve oneself.

Being a homecare agency in Fredericksburg, Virginia has provided us with ample opportunities to practice integrity because our senior patients require a wide range of care services. Trust us to prioritize integrity above all, choose Caring Hands Healthcare Solutions LLC as your choice of care provider.

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