Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer in Elder Women


As a provider of Home Health Care in Virginia, we are reminding everyone, especially the older adult women, of the factors associated with the increase of the likelihood of getting cervical cancer. These are:

  • Infection by HPV or the Human Papillomavirus
    Spread through skin-to-skin contact, HPV infection ranks as first among the most important risk factors, especially if the infection is caused by high-risk HPV types. At present, there is no cure to treat the condition.
  • Smoking
    According to the American Cancer Society, women who smoke are twice as likely to get cervical cancer compared to those who don’t. Smoking also weakens the immune system which makes it less effective in fighting HPV.
  • A weakened immune system
    A damaged or compromised immune system is stripped of its ability to protect the body from infections. A strong and healthy one is important because low-risk HPV types can still be cleared naturally by the body and are less likely to develop into cancer.
  • Family history
    There are two possible explanations for this; one, that cervical cancer is inherited, and two, that cancer may not be heritable itself, but is a condition that makes them less able to fight it.

Although home health care services such as the ones we provide in our Elderly Home Care in Virginia will not be able to address any of these risk factors since most of them are a matter of prevention and safe practice (HPV infection) and genes (family history), we can offer assistance and support that may guide you into making significant lifestyle changes.

Caring Hands Healthcare Solutions LLC is a Homecare Agency in Fredericksburg, Virginia here to assist you and your elderly loved ones with all your healthcare needs.

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