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Integrity in Health Care Organizations

In the field of home healthcare services, integrity is a catchword, along with respect, honesty, and compassion. But, how do we know we’re applying it? First of all, integrity is the quality that allows us to do the right actions when no one is looking and checking for our mistakes. As such, to have integrity … Continue reading

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Autism in the Elderly

When we think about autism, most of us picture children with the condition. Although this is not wrong, this shows how little information there is about elderly autism, at least that we know of. As a homecare agency in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we would like everyone to be informed of the condition affecting the senior citizen … Continue reading

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Stroke 101: What To Do When You Think Someone Is Having a Stroke

Stroke is one of the biggest risks that our elderly loved ones face. Although the recovery approach has been impressive, not many know the first steps to take when confronted with such a situation. As a home health care in Virginia, our healthcare professionals are experts in providing first response actions to our clients. In … Continue reading

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