When to Consider Home Care Services for Your Senior Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease


Having someone in the family suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease is difficult. Our years of experience as an Elderly Home Care in Virginia, has us knowing intimately how stressful it can be for everyone in the family—especially so for the one serving as the primary caregiver.

While admirable, your efforts as a primary caregiver may be for naught should you attempt to help your loved one more than you are actually able to. Here are two sure signs that will tell you it is time to consider home care support services for your senior:

  • When they’ve become aggressive
    Although certainly unwelcome, aggression is not an uncommon symptom insofar as Alzheimer’s is concerned. It doesn’t matter whether this is physical or verbal; when your elderly loved has turned aggressive, it is a more than enough indication that it is time to look into possible care options.
  • When you can no longer support them
    This involves more than not having the ability to assist them as you must also be in good health to be effective. Be realistic and think carefully about the long-term outlook—both of their condition and of your well-being as a primary caregiver.

We offer Home Health Care in Virginia and in the state’s northern and central areas. In particular, we provide Alzheimer’s care to our afflicted senior loved ones, helping them manage the symptoms as well as making sure they have everything they need.

Caring Hands Healthcare Solutions LLC is a Homecare Agency in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We are committed to providing quality home care services to you and your loved ones, whenever you need it, wherever.

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