With physical conditions limiting them, senior citizens may have very limited things to do. It may be difficult for some to continue with the daily household chores or eat on their own. But did you know that letting your senior loved one do all these with minimal assistance from you is actually good for them?

Like everyone else, the elderly in our family are people, just like us. They also seek to be in control of their lives and of the things they do. It gives them autonomy and it allows them to feel useful, even with the limited range of things their bodies are capable of doing. It also improves the quality of their lives.

So how exactly can you help improve your senior loved ones’ quality of life? Here are a few tips:

  • Let them feel useful and needed

    As explained earlier, our elderly loved ones are still people who seek control of their lives. Along with this, they also want to feel useful and needed by the family. That is why they sometimes go out of their way to cook food or buy groceries for the family, or organize things in the house. It gives them a semblance of control over their lives and it also gives them the chance to reminisce on a time when they were the ones taking care of the family.

  • Encourage them to maintain good physical fitness

    Exercise, even for the elderly, is still one of the foremost ways to prevent and/or assuage certain conditions and diseases. Your loved ones can even start with simple breathing exercises and can then escalate to more difficult ones, like balancing exercises or jogging.

  • Buy them brain games and other puzzles

    Along with maintaining physical fitness, it is important for your senior family members to keep their minds active, so that they can maintain usage of their brains. It can even help avoid memory problems and the like. This can be achieved through puzzles like Sudoku and crossword. With technology today, you can even download these as apps.

  • Introduce them to technology

    It would be unavoidable for them to bump into technology at some point. Instead of isolating them from it, it is best to teach them. It would be beneficial for your seniors in many ways. An example is when you have food delivered. They will no longer need to get up to call a pizza place. They can just order from their phones! It also helps them maintain the activity in their brains by being able to access various reading materials online. Games can also put the fun in staying home.

As you can see, senior life has endless possibilities. Seniors just need the right resources and the most supportive family members. They can benefit from the great improvement in the quality of their lives.

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