Why Speech Therapy Is Important for Individuals with Autism

Why Speech Therapy Is Important for Individuals with Autism

Autism affects language development, speech, and social communication in different ways. It is a developmental detriment that mostly shows up before somebody turns 3 years of age. There are no proven cases of autism which start at the late stage of childhood. It is one of many neurological disorders that involves communication defect and impaired social interaction, it also affects cognitive skills. People who have autism experiences major issues in speech and non-verbal communication. Social interaction is also a challenge for them, that is the reason why speech therapy is an essential key therapy for the treatment.

People experiencing autism will manifest more than one of these signs according to www.webmd.com;

  • Produce inaudible sounds like utter grunts, cries, shrieks, or throaty harsh sounds.
  • Hum or talk in a musical way
  • Use foreign sounding words or robotic-like speech
  • Babble with a word like sounds
  • Repeating what other people are saying
  • Not talk at all

According to the same website, one of three people who have autism cannot or has trouble producing sounds. That is the reason why speech therapy is a necessity. Speech therapy is more than just learning how to speak. It is also learning more about the language and communication, knowing when and how to start a conversation, and interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues from other people. Because of this, individuals with autism will learn how to interpret facial expressions, the tone of voice and body language.

Therapists who focus on the treatment of language and speech disorders are called Speech-Language Pathologists. With early detection and diagnosis, speech therapists lead the team to achieve greater improvements and referral to other specialists for other needs to be met too. People who have autism can also work and live like normal people, therapists would just need to assess the best way of expressing their thoughts, and feelings. Speech-Language Pathologists or the therapists will work closely with the family in making sure that they are involved in the care process and they too are aware of the communication patterns and gaps.

Caring Hands Healthcare Solutions LLC is a provider of Elderly Home Care in Fredericksburg, Virginia which also offers Speech Therapy for patients who have autism. We offer Home Health Care to patients in the Northern and Central Virginia area. We are a home health care agency focused on the goal of empowering the family in taking care of their loved ones who has Autism.

We understand the need to make sure that all care management and services are professionally done, that is why we only hire the best and experienced caregivers.

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